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Founded in 1976 by Jim Stewart, (Maurice J Stewart- Addison), a writer, playwright and producer, and now an ‘icon’ within this industry, Fetters was the spin-off from his profound interest in Harry Houdini and Escapology. The name Fetters is your guarantee of unrivalled quality. Since 1976 our reputation for ingenious design, attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and personal service has made Fetters the name that serious bondage enthusiasts trust.


When the first modest Fetters catalogue was launched in 1977 the original focus was on Escape Artists, collectors of handcuffs, and what he ambiguously referred to as “Houdini Enthusiasts”. Small classified advertisements in magazines as diverse as Exchange & Mart, Police Review, Soldier of Fortune and Shotgun News soon put him in contact with a wider range of people who brought with them an unbelievably mixed bag of unfocused natural instincts.


Jim started Fetters as a small business with a lot of very interesting connections. He and his small team were enthusiasts - and in the true tradition of HARRY HOUDINI could not resist a challenge. Their specialisation was “restraint” in every and any form - and within the compass of this specialisation there became tremendous diversity ....

The original focus offered four distinct directions

Police & Prison Hardware
Mainly handcuffs and hardware from forces around the world, but also related items such as authentic hospital equipment.

Film & Theatre Props
Supplying all manner of specialised items both gimmicked and original to customers such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Britain's National Theatre, Commodore Computers for their TV advertisement, BBC, Paramount Studios, Channel 4 TV along with work on numerous music videos, movies and TV plays.

Escape Artists Equipment
Supplying anything that might have been used to challenge HARRY HOUDINI - approaching the situation as either the escaper or the challenger.

Erotic Bondage – Fantasy or Fact
For many people this was still the ultimate social taboo subject, but whatever opinions individuals may hold, Jim believed that too many adults were being deprived of their rights by others who are concerned with politics rather than people.



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